Q. What are the Prices ?
A. Please refer to the price list tab for all our prices.  Click Here

Q. Do I need a skippers ticket ?
A. Any hire-and-drive vessel with an engine capacity of more than 6hp, such as one rented from a company with a trailer able hire and drive licence, requires an RST. We currently have 2 vessels with 6hp engines that DO NOT require a skippers ticket.

Q. Do I need a fishing from boat license ?
A. You will need a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence for any fishing activity from a powered boat. All licensing information is available on the WA Fisheries Website. https://secure.fish.wa.gov.au/fish/

Q. Where can I take the boat ?
A. All Cape to Cape Boat Hire vessels have been surveyed and are allowed anywhere in the state of Western Australia.

Q. Do I need any experience to operate your boats ?
A. No, we give a detailed operation and safety demonstration prior to you leaving with the boat and not until you are satisfied and confident.

Q. Does my boat come with a Bimini / shade cover ?
A. All our boats are fitted with a Bimini / shade cover.

Q. Can I use my interstate RST in WA ?
A. According to Navigable Waters Regulations (WA) Rule 47E, if you hold a valid and current skipper’s ticket from another state or country, you do not need a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) if you will be staying in Western Australian for 3 months or less.
After 3 months, if you wish to stay in WA and skipper a power boat, you will need to obtain an RST.